What is Teeth Bleaching? How is it done?

Teeth bleaching; is the process of whitening one or two shades of the teeth of individuals who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth with special agents applied to the surface of the teeth. It can be performed in the clinic under the control of your dentist, or with transparent plaques for you according to the instructions of the physician and by using daily doses in certain doses.

Can I have my teeth whitened? How long will it last?

Bleaching can be applied if the teeth do not have extreme abrasion (where enamel tissue is lost). However, some color changes may not go through whitening treatment. Your dentist will advise you during the examination. The more colorants such as cigarettes, tea and coffee are consumed, the faster the whiteness disappears.

Does the bleaching process make sensitivity? What should I pay attention to?

Some patients experience sensitivity during the application of bleaching gels in the clinic. Following the whitening, desensitizing is applied and this sensitivity is prevented. It does not harm the tooth as no abrasion is done in the teeth while whitening.

What should i pay attention to after bleaching?

It is recommended not to consume colored foods for 10 days following the whitening session. After bleaching, there will be a color difference between the restorations (such as filling or bridge) and the main teeth. After that, these restorations should be changed.