About Us

Our polyclinic is a center where all branches of dentistry are practiced.

Dental health is important interms of the quality of general health functions and is one of the most important factors affecting body health. Timely diagnosis and treatment of untreated dental diseases are a constant threat to our vital organs. Early diagnosis and treatment of dental health is of great importance for both health and social and economic aspects.

Show your importance to your mouth and dental health for a healthy life.

Our Vision

Happy smiles, healthy teeth and fulfilling your aesthetic expectations are our greatest criteria from the beginning to the end of our service.

Our main goal is to provide world-class services in our clinic, so we closely follow the innovations and try to present to you simultaneously.

Our Mission

Ata Dental Polyclinic is committed to providing you healthy, happy and hygienic treatments with the latest technology dentistry products.

With our spacious waiting room, hygienic clinics and our successful dentists, our biggest goal is to be a health center that you can safely consult for your dental treatments.